{"API Aggregation"}

API Aggregation Tooling

These are the open source database related tooling that I am tracking on as part of my research, and can be used as part of the database process.


Chorus.js offers a very simple way to orchestrate asynchronous and synchronous APIs in Node applications stack. Our focusu0026nbsp;is on making chorus.js super easy to learn and use everywhere, from an entry-level Raspberry Pi to the most scalable PaaS, and anything in between.

Singly Hallway

This is an open source project to help developers build amazing applications combining data from many sources easily, through one API. This codebase is currently live and poweringu0026nbsp;api.singly.comu0026nbsp;so sign in and start building!

If there is an "open source tool" that should be listed here, submit as a Github Issue, and I will consider adding.