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API Aggregation

We are depending on more APIs to drive our web and mobile applications. Even with the simplicity of indiviual web APIs, developing an application around multiple APIs can be very time consuming.

In the course of developing a common mobile application a developer may end up using 10-15 APIs--APis for storage, images, email, SMS, voice, etc. Making development costs grow with each additional API.

To help address this growing problem, one of the trends emerging in the API space is the aggregation of multiple APIs into a single interface or stack for developers to use, standardizing both interfaces and objects across potentially very disparate platforms.

Innovative startups like Singly apply these concepts with social and personal data, combining services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other services into single services. Singly's goal is to shorten time for developers to get to finished app, by providing devs a fabric that weaves together common objects like friends, images, status and checkin into a aggregate API platform.

There are other providers similar to Singly in the space, companies like Adigami who aggregate Advertising APIs and FedAPI for Government APIs. This is nothing new, we've seen the similar approach in cloud computing by providers like Delta Cloud.

In this section i will be tracking news and companies that are doing interesting things around API aggregation, while also sharing blog analysis I provide on aggregation.